School life... need to know for Ed Tech start-ups

There is always a lot of talk about an impending technology revolution, re-shaping our education system and taking us to an undefined promised land. No doubt there are benefits to be had from technology, but Education is overwhelmingly a people business and will always be. These people are teachers with busy jobs in a hectic environment (children!) who arent as impressed by tech as a your average start-up geek.

My advice to anyone interested in working with schools (whether your product is tech or not) is to always look at your design, UX and product requirements through the structure of a school timetable and the realities of a teachers working life. They are in class all day, and in-between lessons they have many more important things to do than fiddle around with new products. Look at the rhythm of the school week and the time (and location) that a teacher would have to interact with your product.

We have a rule of thumb, that core user journeys have to be completed within 30 seconds. For us, that means a teacher can book one-to-one tuition whilst waiting for the kettle to boil... specifying the students, date and time for each session, and exactly what the students needs to cover from within Maths curriculum.

Its worth reading this post from MindShift if you're interested - Closing the Gap Between Educators and Entrepreneurs

Good luck!

Published on 24/06/2013 at 12h09 .

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